Sweet Tooth Delivery
Workplace Deliveries

Fresh and direct from Sweet Tooth’s bakery, share-boxes that showcase the best of our amazing cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, layer cakes and much more in share-size portions.

Have you worked hard all week and deserve that little treat? Or love your work colleagues so much it’s your turn to share the love? Or simply love Sweet Tooth and need us? Whatever the excuse...we’ll be there!

Currently covering the following postcodes every Friday:

  • SR7
  • SR2
  • SR3
  • SR1
  • DH5
  • DH4
  • SR8


£15 = 4 people

£20 = 6 people

£30 = 8-10 people

For more people, please get in touch.

Delivery cost depends on postcode: £3 (SR7), £4 (SR1, SR2, SR3), £5 (DH5, DH4, SR8)

Or collect from our bakery HQ or any of our Durham stores FREE (please see below).

To order your workplace delivery simply email bakery@sweettoothdelivery.co.uk

Please submit your order by Thursday at 5pm.

Approximate delivery/collection time will be confirmed once all orders are received and routes planned.


If you’re not based within any of the above postcodes for deliveries, please see our handy guide to Sweet Tooth’s nearest store to you for order pick-ups:

DH1 Durham, Prince Bishops
DH2 Durham, Prince Bishops
DH3 Durham, Prince Bishops
DH4 Durham, Belmont
DH5 Durham, Belmont
DH6 Durham, Belmont
DH7 Durham, Prince Bishops
DH9 Durham, Prince Bishops
DH97 Durham, Prince Bishops
SR1 Bakery HQ
SR2 Bakery HQ
SR3 Bakery HQ
SR4 Bakery HQ
SR5 Bakery HQ
SR6 Bakery HQ
SR7 Bakery HQ
SR8 Bakery HQ
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